Accurate & Reliable Validation.


What is Merit?

For Hiring Firms

Merit helps validate consultants that specialize in the software platforms you use.

How it works for Hiring Firms

For Consultants

Merit helps you validate your skills specific to platforms you work with. Simply list your projects and the skills you executed. Merit solicits first-hand reviews around those specific skills by your peers on that project. Before long, your Merit Score© reflects a reliable and accurate account of your proficiency.

How it works for Consultants

What is MeritScore©?

Merit Score© is a unique scoring system used to validate skills. Three factors that set our scoring apart from others:

Platform Skills

Each platform is unique and they require different skill sets to execute successfully. We allow skills to be evaluated individually, providing an assessment specific to the skills of a given platform.

Community Based Ranking

We recognize that members of a given community are the foremost experts for that platform. By using a community-driven algorithm to weight the skills, we’re allowing those who know the most to inform how we validate our members.

Trusted Users

Hear from the people that matter the most. Our members are reviewed by the very people they’ve worked with. Whether it be their Client, Manager, Colleague or a Subordinate, we connect you to the individuals closest to the project. Since Merit allows the Reviewer to verify their identity via LinkedIn, you can rest assured of the review's validity.